North Carolina and Mississippi Travel Ban Update

Governor Malloy issued Executive Orders which remain in effect and ban travel to North Carolina and Mississippi using state funds except in limited circumstances.  To travel to these states, pre-approval is still required. Travel without pre-approval may result in the traveler being denied reimbursement.

At Storrs, the regional campuses and the law school, requests for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi, no matter the source of funds, should be submitted to the Director of Procurement Services (John Clifford) via email at  for review.

Requests for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi should be submitted via email and once approved, as all travel requests normally are.  For your request to be considered, you must provide the purpose of the trip, the names of facilities at which you plan to stay, and the proposed funding source for the travel.


  • Travel funded by non-state funds (e.g. federal grants, private industry contracts and gifts) will be approved as long as the grant, contract or gift restrictions allow such travel.  The ban applies to use of state funds.
  • Travel in which North Carolina or Mississippi is only a layover for a change of planes is not travel “to” that state and does not come within the ban.
  • Travel to North Carolina to state owned facilities will generally be approved. This does not apply to Mississippi. Other facilities, like hotels, will require documentation of the corporation’s anti-discrimination practices/policies, especially with respect to trans-gendered individuals.
  • Bradley Parking passes are not available when traveling to North Carolina or Mississippi.

Travelers, particularly in connection with faculty presentations of academic research and panel presentations of academic research in support of the teaching, research and clinical research required of the faculty in accordance with university guidelines, research collaboration activities and recruitment activities, should not assume their request for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi on state funds will be denied, but should instead submit for review.

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